Business Storage in Delisle, SK

We have a variety of indoor and outdoor storage units that are perfect for your business needs. From business vehicles and work trucks to indoor storage that’s far more affordable than office space, contact us to learn more about the solutions we provide!

Restaurants & Clubs

Store extra tables, linens, non-perishable food items, and more.


Make storing and organizing inventory a breeze with a spacious storage unit.

Work-from-Home & Sales

Store your products and samples in storage instead of cramming everything at home or in your trunk.


Valuable items left on a job site can be easy prey for thieves. Instead, use a secure unit for important tools and materials.




Store paperwork, records, invoices, materials, and even equipment in a clean and organized unit.

Moving, Real Estate, and Apartment Management

Use temporary storage for a client while staging a home or to store the furniture and accessories used for home staging. A storage unit is the perfect place to store lawn equipment or maintenance tools. Store bulky items during renovations and repairs to maximize space and enhance selling features.

Archives & Documents

Store business papers including invoices, receipts, and files.


  • Remodeling, redecorating, or downsizing your business

  • Relocating your business

  • Excess inventory before the start of the holiday season

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