Residential Storage in Delisle, SK

Our residential storage units, conveniently located near Saskatoon, are the perfect solution for moving storage, temporary storage, seasonal storage, recreational equipment storage, and more. We have a variety of units available for all your residential needs.


If you're selling your home, consider showcasing your space and maximizing your layout by storing some of your furniture and personal items.

Remodeling & Renovating

Temporarily storing furniture and belongings can make renovations much easier and more efficient.

Life Transition

Putting some belongings into storage will give you the room you need if you are going to have a child, would like a guest bedroom, or when you just need more space around the house. If you're planning to sell some of your property, putting it into storage will allow you to sort through it as you have time.


If you're planning to travel the world and will be gone for a while, we can take care of your items for you. Storage is much less expensive than paying for a house while you’re away!

Do you work in Saskatchewan but your home is somewhere else? Store your belongings and they will be kept safe and well maintained as you come and go.

Student & College Storage

Enjoy peace of mind while you are on summer break knowing that your furniture, books, and electronics are stored safely.


  • Winter items:

    • Store all your holiday decorations, ornaments, and lights.

    • Keep your snowboards, skis, hockey equipment, and winter clothes safe and sound in storage during the off-season.

  • Spring items:

    • Store the landscaping and gardening equipment you won’t need throughout the summer (for example, a grass seeder).

  • Summer items:

    • Move patio furniture and cushions, water toys, camping gear, barbeque equipment, and sports equipment into storage when the summer ends.

  • Fall items:

    • Once all the leaves are off the trees, you won’t need your rake, lawn mower, or flowerpots anymore. Put them all in storage and free up room in your garage for your car.

Rotating your belongings throughout the seasons is a simple way to free up space. You’ll love the new, streamlined look of your house and yard when you utilize storage!

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