Vehicle and RV Storage

Our outdoor storage solutions come in a variety of options and are suitable for RVs, trailers, semi-trucks, work trucks, business inventory, and much more. We’re conveniently located near Saskatoon and we have both short- and long-term spaces available.

What you should know before storing a vehicle

  • Your vehicle should be free of all leaks.

  • All motorized vehicles must be in running condition or on a trailer.

  • Boats and RVs should have current license plates. Tags that expire during storage should be renewed.

  • Storage units may not be used as a place to work on your vehicle. Repairs and maintenance should be performed elsewhere.

  • Tires must be inflated. Remember to inspect tires for signs of dry rot.

For long-term vehicle storage, where the vehicle will be left sitting for a while, it's important to:

  • Add a fuel stabilizer

  • Check fuel lines and gaskets, laying down cardboard to protect the unit’s floor

  • Use a battery maintainer

  • Wash and wax your vehicle and thoroughly vacuum the interior

  • Remove windshield wipers or wrap them in plastic

  • Car covers are recommended for vehicles that are stored outside (it will help protect the exterior from the elements)

  • Tire locks and tie downs are allowed for additional security

  • Stuff the tail pipe with steel wool to discourage animals from nesting

  • Leave a note with the vehicle that lists all the steps you took

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