What size unit do I need?
-Try our storage unit size guide or give us a call or text at (306) 638-9474 and our manager can assist you.

How long do I have to rent?
-At Great North Storage Company your lease is month-to-month and there is no minimum stay. You can move out at any time at your convenience.  

When can I access my storage unit?
-Our gate hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

How can I reduce humidity build-up in my unit?
-Humidity can be prevented by storing dry items only. We recommend that you avoid placing any wet or damp items in storage.

How tall and wide are your doors?
-Door sizes vary by unit size and range from 3 to 8 feet wide with a height of 7.5 feet. Our doors are roll-up doors similiar to  a garage door, which makes storage simpler for you.

Are there lights or outlets in the units?
-No, we don't have lights or outlets in the units.

May I use my rental as a workshop?
-We do our best to accommodate all your needs. Please contact our manager for details about your specific situation.

Can I share access to the space with my family and co-workers?
-Absolutely! You decide who may have access to your storage unit. To ensure the most convenient experience possible, we recommend that you give our manager the names of anyone who has permission to use your gate code.

Will my car fit inside a drive-up storage unit?
-To ensure your vehicle will fit into a drive-up rental, measure the length, width, and height of your vehicle. Compact cars usually fit inside drive-up units, while larger vehicles are typically parked in outdoor storage.  We recommend placing a drop cloth under your vehicle to catch any potential leaks.

What is outdoor car storage like?
-Outdoor car storage consists of a gravel or paved parking space. If your vehicle will be left to sit for a while, be sure to prepare it so it will work for you when you need it again. 

Why is car storage better than parking on the street or in the driveway?
-Storing your vehicle in a secure storage facility reduces the risk of vandalism, theft, or accidental damage from passing vehicles or pedestrians.

How can outdoor storage make my life easier?
-Great question! When you choose outdoor storage, you minimize the risk of vandalism or theft that comes with parking on the street or in an unsecured parking lot. Plus, you won’t have to worry about breaking parking restrictions or regulations.

How would I benefit from a drive-up storage unit for a motorcycle or ATV?
-Unlike outdoor storage spaces, drive-up units are enclosed like a garage, which makes them ideal to contain the equipment and gear that goes with small-engine vehicles.

How would I benefit from using drive-up storage for Jet Ski storage or snowmobile storage?
-Choosing an enclosed, drive-up space for a snowmobile or Jet Ski protects your investment from vandalism and theft. Enclosed storage also provides protection from sun and wind damage and provides a convenient place to store gear.

How many boxes will I need? Can I return any boxes that I don’t use?
-We recommend that you take home more boxes than you think you need. We will gladly refund the full purchase price (no restocking fees) of any unused boxes and most other packing supplies within 90 days of purchase.

Can I sublet my unit or rent it out to a friend if I'm not using it?
-No, you may not sublet your unit or rent it out privately. You can always recommend us to anyone needing storage! Refer us and save 25% on your next months rent!

What do I need to rent storage?
-We require a valid driver’s license, credit card or void check, valid address, cell phone number and email address. 

Do I need a lock? What kind?
-Yes, your unit door must be secured with a lock. You will have the only key to your lock. We recommend a disc lock, which can be purchased in our store.

What happens if I lose the key to my rental?
-To keep your contents secure, you are the only one who holds keys to your unit. We have procedures available to help you access your unit should you misplace your key. We also have locks for sale in our store so you can replace the old lock and get a new set of keys.

How can I pay my rent?
-Great North Storage Company offers several options to pay your rent. We recommend sending an interac e-transfer or paying by credit card.  You can also pay online securely by logging into your account. We also offer two convenient automatic payment options, which will either charge your credit card or bank account each month. You are also welcome to come to our office pay by cash or check. 

Do you have a insurance provider you suggest?
-Yes, we recommend using PAL as an insurance provider.

Should I choose drive-up car storage or outdoor car storage?
-Drive-up car storage offers the convenience and protection of enclosed, garage-style parking with additional room to store other belongings. Outdoor storage is often more suitable for larger vehicles. If your vehicle is more expensive or a classic model, it would be better to store it in a drive-up unit for the best protection from the elements.

Will my RV, boat, or large vehicle be secure in outdoor storage?
-Our facility offers personalized gate codes to increase security and to monitor everyone who enters the property. Additional security measures include surveillance cameras and a fenced lot.

Why should I lease outdoor storage for my RV?
-You can save fuel by choosing an RV or boat storage facility that’s closer to recreational destinations or close to home, depending on your preference. It will also free up space in the driveway.

Is outdoor storage a good solution for storing the truck and trailer I use for my business?
-Definitely! If you plan on accessing your work vehicle often, you can choose a storage space that’s closer to the entrance. Our property offers 24-hour access every day of the week, so you’ll never have to slow your business to get the space you need.

How does spending money on packing supplies save me money on storage?
-A one-time purchase of boxes and packing supplies will make your move more efficient. Your items will use less space in your unit because your boxes will be consistent sizes compared to using random boxes found around the house. However, gathering up boxes from grocery stores and the like is more Eco-friendly, so the choice is up to you.

Why does a storage company sell boxes and moving supplies?
-Offering boxes and moving supplies in our office allows us to meet all your moving and storing needs. You can pick up tape, mattress covers, and packing items you need to make your move easy.

What kind of supplies do you offer?
-We have available a variety of boxes, including specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes and mirror boxes. We can help you find the right tool for any item. We offer packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, stretch wrap, sofa covers, and more. We also offer shelving to help you make the most of your unit’s vertical space.  

Do I have to rent storage to buy boxes and packing supplies?
-Anyone can purchase packing supplies from our office – whether or not they purchase storage with us. We’re happy to help everyone!